Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fast and Fun Improv

We've been rearranging our house and it's driving me bonkers! My little creative corner has shrunk and I'm in denial about it. Seeking solace, I walked over to my fabric cupboard and pulled out fabrics that felt comforting. This is a hug from my fabric fairy godmother. She whispered, "everything will be ok. Why don't you sit down and make something?"

I followed this great tutorial by Svetlana of S.O.T.A.K handmade. There is no pattern, you make a stack of fabrics and cut them up and then mix up the order of prints. I really liked making intentional, but unmeasured cuts. 

Normally I spend a lot of time placing each color and each print exactly where I want it. I liked the feeling of serendipity when I sewed everything together and it just worked.

I made two stacks and ended up with 12 blocks. Then I added some sashing and borders and the next thing you know I had a quilt top. I adore the look of this type of quilt and Svetlana's tutorial made it so easy.

Fabric: Mix of prints by Denyse Schmidt, Essex Linen in Linen, Kona Cotton in Ivory and a black or grey crosshatch from Timeless Treasures


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