Friday, January 23, 2015

Now available: Happy Kelp and Tidal Lace

Happy Kelp Quilt, Photo by Danielle Collins

Some of you may remember this quilt from the Tidal Lace blog hop. We were celebrating the debut fabric collection Tidal Lace by my friend Kim Andersson for Windham Fabrics. Well guess what? The fabric and the quilt pattern are now officially available!!!

quilting detail

Now you can make your own version of Happy Kelp! For my sample quilt, I chose the starlight print in aqua for a watery feeling background, then I chose twelve more fabrics from the collection that would pop off that pretty blue color. Here is a breakdown of my fabric palette...

  1. Tide Pool in Ocean
  2. Solid in Blush
  3. Sea Gems in white
  4. Tidal Lace in coral
  5. Starlight in coral
  6. Shimmer in aqua
  7. Solid in Deep Sea
  8. Sea Gems in sand
  9. Tide Pool in seafoam
  10. Starlight in coral
  11. Shimmer in coral
  12. Starlight in seafoam
  13. Starlight in aqua (background)

background fabric

Happy Kelp uses curved piecing to capture the sea in a graphic and playful way. The pattern includes templates, full color diagrams, a coloring page and four additional size options (baby, twin, queen and king).

-Kits and printed patterns available at Keepsake Quilting
-PDF patterns available here

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Fall Forest QAL-Finished

My second Fall Forest quilt is finished and hot out of the dryer. Before I show you the big reveal, I wanted to update you on the possible color bleed issue. I used two Shout ColorCatcher sheets in the washing machine as a precaution. The used color catcher sheets had a slight tint to them after the wash cycle, but there was no color bleed on my quilt. The ColorCatchers did their job by catching and holding any loose dye. I don't know if the dye came from the quilt top or the flannel backing. The backing was pre-washed, but it could have come from either.

The dense quilted swirls have such a wonderful texture after they've been washed. They are also very forgiving. The quilting doesn't have to be perfect (mine most definitely is not) and it still looks good. It does use a lot of thread. I opened a brand new spool of Aurifil to start piecing this quilt and after quilting it's almost empty. I think I used about 8 bobbins for the quilting.

Name: Winter Forest
Size: 50" x 70"
Materials: Kona Cotton by Robert Kaufman in poppy, watermelon, pickle, wasabi, celestial, capri, azure, pepper, steel, shadow and white. Quilters Linen by Robert Kaufman in chocolate. Kits available at The Intrepid Thread
Quilting: Free motion swirls all over in Aurifil #2024

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Fall Forest QAL: Quilting and Binding

I've been working on the quilting and binding of my winter version of the Fall Forest quilt. I thought swirls could be fun for a winter quilt.

A large square ruler is handy for squaring up the corners of a quilt. Mine is the 15" ruler from Omnigrid.

I plan on washing the quilt soon as I finish stitching down the binding. I have my color catchers at the ready and I'll let you know how it goes.

How is everyone's quilts coming along? Any questions?

Previous blogged about here, here and here
Pattern: Fall Forest

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Color Walk 010

I was out walking the dog after a storm and everything was dark, muddy and wet. Imagine my surprise when I saw this shock of hot pink and green on the sidewalk. The wind had knocked down this tiny little blossom and it was on the ground just waiting for someone to find it. What a delight! Keep your eyes open, you never know what beauty you will find.

Sometimes when I'm walking, I see something that makes me stop and take a closer look. These color palettes start with a photo I've taken, usually with my phone, and often when I'm out doing ordinary things. Each color swatch is labeled with the coordinating Kona cottons by Robert Kaufman. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Starting Something New - Sunday Sail Quilt

I've been collecting fabrics for this project for over a year and recently completed the stack by adding in a little aqua. I stacked it up nicely to shared a photo of it on Instagram and then the fabric just sat there. We've been so busy lately it's been hard to find some sewing time. Luckily, I got to sneak away and sew with some good friends for a couple of hours last Friday night. This project was just the thing to bring and work on.

It's a new version of my Regatta quilt. This time I'm using my Recs tool to cut all of the pieces. The cutting took awhile, but the piecing is going pretty quickly. For the layout, I'm working on clustering the prints together and intentionally placing blocks based on the color and scale of the fabric. This version is less of a race and more of a Sunday stroll that takes place in a boat out at sea. I imagine calm seas, a gentle breeze and the boats gliding about in a peaceful community.

Shortly after I took this photo, our new kitten Max climbed up the design wall and every-single-block fell off. Dang it! It's ok because the blocks needed to be trimmed anyway, but Kitty, stay off the design wall!!!

It's been stormy here and we were all getting a little stir-crazy. When the storm broke and the kids asked to go to the beach, this Mama answered with an emphatic yes. This is the mouth of our harbor and the lighthouse guides the sailors and fisherman home for the night.


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