Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quilting Retreat Recap

I went to a quilting retreat over the weekend with my guild.  It was the first quilting retreat I've ever been to and it was the best-weekend-ever!  I laughed hard, played hard, slept hard, and worked hard.  I love the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild!!

BAMQG Winter Retreat 2012
BAMQG Winter Retreat 2012

Grey Goose, Top
Grey Goose, Top

The first project I worked on at the retreat was Grey Goose.  The votes are in and 75% voted for Option a, (teal, charcoal, lime and navy) so I packed that stack of fabric with me.  I pre-cut the pieces at home before I left and it was the perfect way to ease into the retreat.  The top came together quickly the first night.  An alternate name might be, Shades of Geese, it's a play on words with the quilt block and the featured fabric (Shades of Grey by Daisy Janie).  Grey Goose?  Shades of Geese?  I'm not sure yet.

Quilting, quilting, quilting
Quilting, Quilting, Quilting

On Saturday, I and sat down to a serious session of quilting this quilt.  Four hours later I came up for air and it's still not done.  Whaaat?!  Great progress though.  I think another 4-6 hours should finish it up.  Gulp.  That is a lot of lines, yo.  I don't want to show the whole thing until it's done.  I think you're going to like it.

California Swoon #5
California Swoon #5

Saturday night I decided to set the quilting aside and work on a Swoon block.  Those pieces were also cut out so it was just a matter of putting it together.  It may have been the late night, or the wine from dinner, but I had to resew that bottom corner four times (remember, a square only has four sides).  It was pathetic and hilarious at the same time.  Ruth and Amanda had to come to my rescue by physically taking the pieces from me, and handing them back to me, the right way.  Love them!  Where would we be without our friends?

California Swoon #5
Fabrics: Little Apples (Moda) and Ruby (Moda)

California Swoon #6
California Swoon #6

Up next, more Swoon!  California Swoon #5 was quickly followed up by #6.  This is my favorite one so far!!  It is so sunny and happy.  I finished the final seam just in time to pack up and go home on Sunday.  It was such a great weekend.  I can't wait to do it again... someday.  Maybe after a nap.

California Swoon #6
Fabrics: Little Apples (Moda) and Ta Dot (Michael Miller)

A look at my California Swoon so far...

California Swoon Progress

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ironing Board Reveal

Ironing Board Makeover 

Thank you so much Randi!! I love my new ironing board cover. It was put to good use this past weekend at my retreat.  Everyone loved the strip of scissors in the middle.  : )

Happy Mail!


PS, I'm still recovering from the retreat.  I'll post more soon! I've got Swoon blocks and a Grey Goose top to share. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

VOTE: Shades of Grey Challenge

The newest challenge from the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild is to make something using Shades of Grey by Daisy Janie. We are so LUCKY!!  Jan DiCintio sent over the whole collection to play with. I especially love Ragg Tagg (the print that looks like knit stitches).

Shades of Grey has such cool movement and subtle contrast between all the different greys.  I want to mix in some colorful solids. So I sketched two versions of a quilt design in EQ7 and I like them both... equally.  Ack!  Normally I'm a decisive girl.  Especially when it comes to colors and fabrics.  But I cannot pick which colors to use.  I asked my family which ones they liked best and I got a split vote.

Would you help a girl out and vote for your favorite color combo?

Daisy Janie Challenge
Which fabric stack do you like best?
Option a) Teal, Charcoal, Lime, Navy
Option b) Navy, Coral, Aqua, Gray

Daisy Janie Challenge, A
Option a

Daisy Janie Challenge, B
Option b

Maybe it would help to see the quilt sketches?

Shades of Grey Challenge, Layout
Option a

Shades of Grey Challenge, Layout
Option b

I'm not sure what size block to make yet. I need to play with a couple of ideas first and see what happens. There is so much to do this month! Did you see when Rita at Red Pepper Quilts used her Accuquilt to make flying geese? Maybe that would help move this project along. Have you used the 4 7/8" triangles combined with the 3" half square triangle dies? Do you recommend them?

Thanks for any and all advice you can toss my way!

PS, the working title for this quilt is Grey Goose... *snicker*

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

California Swoon 3 and 4

Swoon #2
Swoon Block #3

Swoon #3 Close Up
Fabrics Used: Little Apples (Moda) and Ruby (Moda)

Swoon #3
Swoon #4

Swoon #4 Close Up
Fabrics Used: Lovebirds (Michael Miller) and Just Wing It (Moda)

Swoon Progress
I'm going for all 9 blocks.... go, Go GO!

After a couple of quiet Sundays, I finally made some progress on my Swoon blocks.  Yay.  I've had to use the seam ripper on each one.  Ugh.  It's like my brain takes a little siesta during the chain piecing and forgets to wake up for the block construction.

Yo!  Wake up!  We're SWOONING here!!  (maybe that will help for the next one)

For the first two blocks, I cut them out and pieced them one at a time.  After the third block, I was ready to get real.  I brought all my fabrics to the last BAMQG meeting and cut out all the pieces.  From here on out it's all piecing baby.

I'm starting to think about sashing for the top.  There has been some interesting ideas in the flickr group.  Wider sashing, cornerstones, and no sashing.  What do you think would look good for mine?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ironing Board Sew Along

Dreaming of Ironing Boards

It's a typical weekday.  I picked up my oldest from school.  He's starving because he didn't eat a good lunch and it's 3pm.  We head to Starbucks because let's face it, Mom could use a little pick-me-up too.  Thinking ahead I packed my laptop and his iPad.  There is not enough time to go home before I need to pick up my youngest so we get to hang out.

Sigh.  A few minutes to sip a latte and play.  Happiness.

My friend Randi is leading an Ironing Board sew along so I headed over to her shop and picked out my fabrics.  I've been wanting to recover my sad little ironing board for awhile, but I definitely need some hand holding.  Ironing boards just seem so big and awkward.  And then there is the piping, cording, or whatever to deal with.  Anyways, I found LOTS or pretty fabrics, but I couldn't figure out which ones I wanted to buy without seeing them together.  I made a quick little mock up.  Like Jaye says, "make visual decisions, visually."

Q: Guess which combination I bought for my new ironing board?

  1. Turtle Bay in AquaLittle Dot in Sunshine, Rain Drops in Storm
  2. Forest Life in Watermelon. Kona Candy Pink, Ping Pong in Yellow
  3. Outfoxed in Outwitted, Kona CharcoalBright Green Jewel in Outwitted
  4. Ruby Swoon in Grey, Tiny Gingham in RedRuby Sundae in Grey
  5. Speckle in Sky, Scissors in CreamChinoserie 

Answer: I bought #5  Did you guess right?  : )

Friday, February 10, 2012

The 3 Winners are...

Thank you all so much for your great feedback on my custom bundle.  Here it is in action. 

Peaceful Pagoda, Top
Peaceful Pagoda, Top

A very special thank you to Julie and Kate for sponsoring this giveaway!  

I bet you're all excited to see who won so I'll keep it short.  The winners are:

2) Good Fortune Jelly Roll from Kate Spain

Congratulations Lucy, Heather and Debra!!!  How FORTUNATE!  Get it?  Good Fortune?  : D  I'm sending you each an email.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No Template Double Hourglass Block Tutorial

All seams are 1/4". Strips are cut along the width of fabric, approximately 42" wide. One strip set will make two Double Hourglass blocks.

CUT FABRIC: For each strip set, cut the following:

(1) 2.25" x 42" white strip
(1) 2.25" x 42" color strip

No Template Double Hourglass Tutorial

STEP 1: Place two strips right sides together, and sew along the long side. Press. I recommend pressing to the side instead of open for this block. It really helps your points line up.

No Template Double Hourglass Tutorial

STEP 2: Find the 45 degree line on your ruler. Place it along the bottom edge of your strip set. Look at the top of your strip set and make sure that the ruler is just past the selvage.

No Template Double Hourglass Tutorial

STEP 3: Holding your ruler firmly, make your first cut.

No Template Double Hourglass Tutorial

STEP 4: Line up the 45 degree line along the top of your strip set. Make sure it's nice and straight along the length. Line up the bottom of the strip set with the very edge of your ruler. This is the tip of your triangle so take your time to place your ruler just right.

No Template Double Hourglass Tutorial

STEP 5: Make your second cut.  Now you have a triangle!

No Template Double Hourglass Tutorial

STEP 6: Now line up the 45 degree line along the bottom of your strip set. The top of the strip set should just touch the edge of the ruler. This is the tip of your triangle. Cut carefully.

Continue down your strip set, repeating steps 3-5 until you have cut eight triangles.

No Template Double Hourglass Tutorial

STEP 7: Arrange in the layout shown. 

No Template Double Hourglass Tutorial

STEP 8: Pair up the triangles and sew them together using a 1/4" seam. 

No Template Double Hourglass Tutorial

STEP 9: Pin and sew together as shown.

No Template Double Hourglass Tutorial

STEP 10: Trim your block to 7" square.

Printable Version

Monday, February 6, 2012


Dragonflies, the fan favorite!

I am sitting here in disbelief looking at all of the comments so far for the Intrepid Thread Giveaway.  Over 1,025 so far!!  I giggle every time I read a comment that says, "I love the dragonflies.  Really. I do."  I love them too.  And I like the raked sand (wavy line) one.  Oh.  And the swirly one.  Ok, who am I kidding? I like them all.

So at this point winning is kind of a long shot.  I don't say this to discourage you.  You might as well throw your name in the hat.  Someone has to win, it might as well be you!  I just wish I had more to give away.

Double Hourglass Block

Then, I had a brainstorm tonight.  This might be the Dr. Pepper talking, but I want to give all of you a little something from me.  Just a small little thank you.  After trying a couple different techniques for making double hourglass blocks, I found a really fast and easy one.  I'm going to write up a tutorial and post it on Wednesday.  Learning something new, it's the gift that keeps on giving.  Hee hee.

See you Wednesday,

Friday, February 3, 2012

GIVEAWAY: The Intrepid Thread

I'm lucky because I have a friend in the fabric business. Julie and I are both members of the local modern quilt guild and you can just imagine the happy chatter that goes on between a fabric fiend (me) and a fabric shop owner (Julie). I thought I knew a lot about fabric, but Julie knows even more! The members of our guild keep trying to stump her with fabric questions and we haven't been able to...yet.
Imagine sharing a quilt at a guild meeting and someone asking, "what's the name of that green fabric?", puzzled looks all around while we try to remember the name of it; then Julie saves us by naming the designer, the fabric line, and the release date. She sure knows her fabric!! Even more than that she is an incredibly kind, funny, generous woman and a good friend. Super lucky I tell you. 

(she's probably blushing right now... it's ok though because it's all true.)

Do you want to know why are you are so lucky? Remember the other day when I went fabric shopping for my latest project, Peaceful Pagoda? Well, Julie is giving away a custom bundle inspired by that post!! AND it's available in her shop so you can get some and make your own Peaceful Pagoda project!

Custom Bundle at The Intrepid Thread
**Edited to add: The dragonfly print is from Kate Spain's new line, Good Fortune.  It's called, Tranquility Dragonfly.  Here it is in aqua and lavender.  There are names and links to all of the prints I bought from Julie in my post, Peaceful Pagoda.

The Intrepid Thread is giving away a custom bundle of 11 Fat Quarters. It's super easy to enter and everyone has three chances to win. International entries are welcome. One winner will be chosen randomly next Friday, February 10th. The winner will be contacted via email.  

Please make sure your email is visible in your profile or added to your comment.

Edited to add: I will be choosing a SECOND WINNER on Friday.  Kate Spain has offered to give away a Good Fortune jelly roll!!  w00t!!

Edited to add: Even more good news!!  There have been so many entries, Julie is giving away another custom bundle.  That means I will be choosing a THIRD WINNER on Friday!!  Yahoo!!

Thanks so much Julie and Kate!

1) Leave a comment below, it can be anything. Maybe share your favorite print from the bundle? You don't have to know the name or anything, just shout out, I love the dragonflies and I will know exactly what you mean.

2) Show Julie some love!! If you follow The Intrepid Thread blog, please leave a second comment.

3) My followers get another chance too. I Love you guys!! If you follow my blog (either here or in your reader), please leave a third comment.

That's it.  Good luck everyone!!!

***This giveaway is now closed***

Thursday, February 2, 2012

WINNERS: Celebrating 1000

Phew... made it just past midnight (PST).  I'm sorry it's so late guys!  Thank you all so much for entering and celebrating with me.  xx

The six winners are...


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