Wednesday, February 15, 2012

California Swoon 3 and 4

Swoon #2
Swoon Block #3

Swoon #3 Close Up
Fabrics Used: Little Apples (Moda) and Ruby (Moda)

Swoon #3
Swoon #4

Swoon #4 Close Up
Fabrics Used: Lovebirds (Michael Miller) and Just Wing It (Moda)

Swoon Progress
I'm going for all 9 blocks.... go, Go GO!

After a couple of quiet Sundays, I finally made some progress on my Swoon blocks.  Yay.  I've had to use the seam ripper on each one.  Ugh.  It's like my brain takes a little siesta during the chain piecing and forgets to wake up for the block construction.

Yo!  Wake up!  We're SWOONING here!!  (maybe that will help for the next one)

For the first two blocks, I cut them out and pieced them one at a time.  After the third block, I was ready to get real.  I brought all my fabrics to the last BAMQG meeting and cut out all the pieces.  From here on out it's all piecing baby.

I'm starting to think about sashing for the top.  There has been some interesting ideas in the flickr group.  Wider sashing, cornerstones, and no sashing.  What do you think would look good for mine?


  1. Love these Adrienne! That lovebirds print is one of my most favourites, like, ever!

  2. The no sashing layout would look good on yours. Nice to know I'm not alone in my Swoon Stall but I'm going to get back on it like you did! Thinking ahead helps me to get inspired for more progress.

  3. Very nice. I really want to do that project, but haven't started swooning yet.

  4. O...M...G.... I LOVE the prints you chose, especially the birds. Holy crap. So cute.

  5. I think I like the wider shashing. Your blocks are beautiful. I've yet to start cutting my fabric. Hopefully next week will be THE week.

  6. Looking great so far, love those wee lovebirds!

  7. I like the way Amanda (mrsmcporkchop) used a contrasting sashing on hers. What if you used coal or red? or coal with red cornerstones?

  8. I love the secondary patterns created with no sashing.

  9. Those look great so far!! I just love this block and I know I'll be suckered in to making them some day!!

  10. They're looking really great Adrianne! I was just the same when I made Swoon blocks (baby quilt) - had to re-read the instructions for every single block!

  11. Stunning blocks, I love the fabrics you've chosen!



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