Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cameo in Progress

Binding, Backing and Finished Top

After running out of solids, buying more solids and a sewing night with friends, the top is complete! I'm hoping I can finish it in time to enter it into Blogger's Quilt Festival next week. The backing and binding are all picked out. Now I just have to figure out how to make room to baste it. You might find me out in the driveway this afternoon.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fabric Stashing

Hello Fall collections!! I've been looking for saturated navy, plum and teal prints to add to my fabric stash. There are some really good ones out right now. My local quilt shop has all the new collections from Violet Craft, Joel Dewberry, Heather Bailey and Tula Pink and I went a little crazy. I left a few prints that I will have to back and get another day... insert happy squee here!

From Left:
-Little Kita in Bluberry, Glimma by Lotta Jansdotter
-Domino Dot in Navy, Waterfront Park by Violet Craft
-Flight in Navy, Waterfront Park by Violet Craft
-Bridgetown in Navy, Waterfront Park by Violet Craft

From Left:
-Wish in Aqua, Andrea Victoria by My Mind's Eye
-Pica in Aquamarine, Astrid by Erin McMorris
-Mitte in Aquamarine, Astrid by Erin McMorris
-Korkek in Jade, Glimma by Lotta Jansdotter
-Diamonds in Teal, Acacia by Tula Pink
-Domino Dot in Lagoon, Waterfront Park by Violet Craft

From Left:
-Wish in Gold, Andrea Victoria by My Mind's Eye
-Scallops in Orange, Piper by Dear Stella
-Empress in Coral, Bungalow by Joel Dewberry

From Left:
-Lottie Dot in Purple, Lottie Da by Heather Bailey
-Hummingbird in Dusk, Acacia by Tula Pink
-Reflection in Peony, Waterfront Park by Violet Craft
-Domino Dot in Jewel, Waterfront Park by Violet Craft
-Wish in Fuschia, Andrea Victoria by My Mind's Eye

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cameo & Friends... Again

Strip sets ready to go

There is something about moving house that makes you re-examine what you have. Like many quilters, I have a lot of fabric and a lot of unfinished projects. Some of my older projects have resurfaced and I'm excited to work on them again.

Multi-tasking in the morning

Over the past week I've picked up the pieces to my Cameo and Friends quilt. I started this in February as an experiment in color and blending fabric patterns. I have long admired Katy's Scrap Vomit quilt(s) and I wanted to see what it would look like with a more limited palette and fabric selection. 

My version is still scrappy but less vomit-y. Ok, hopefully not vomit-y at all. I really love these fabrics together (a mix of Cameo by Amy Butler, Birds and Bees by Tula Pink, a few art gallery blenders and a handful of solids). If you've never heard of scrap vomit quilts before, you must read all about how it got it's name on Katy's blog.

Sewing buddies with my buddy

The strip sets were already together and this week I started making blocks. It's been fun, one morning my daughter helped me pick out the buddies (strip sets) before school and one night I found myself pinning while watching football with my husband. Go Niners!

So many seams!

After the kids go to bed, I turn into a stitching machine, getting as much done as I can before my eyes get too heavy... or I run out of bobbin thread... or I break a needle. All signs it's time for a break.

Hey, it's starting to look like something

Piecing together these tiny squares started to feel a bit endless. It wasn't until I started piecing the rows together that it finally started to look like something. I kind of love it! : ) One row down, four more to go.


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