Monday, February 13, 2012

Ironing Board Sew Along

Dreaming of Ironing Boards

It's a typical weekday.  I picked up my oldest from school.  He's starving because he didn't eat a good lunch and it's 3pm.  We head to Starbucks because let's face it, Mom could use a little pick-me-up too.  Thinking ahead I packed my laptop and his iPad.  There is not enough time to go home before I need to pick up my youngest so we get to hang out.

Sigh.  A few minutes to sip a latte and play.  Happiness.

My friend Randi is leading an Ironing Board sew along so I headed over to her shop and picked out my fabrics.  I've been wanting to recover my sad little ironing board for awhile, but I definitely need some hand holding.  Ironing boards just seem so big and awkward.  And then there is the piping, cording, or whatever to deal with.  Anyways, I found LOTS or pretty fabrics, but I couldn't figure out which ones I wanted to buy without seeing them together.  I made a quick little mock up.  Like Jaye says, "make visual decisions, visually."

Q: Guess which combination I bought for my new ironing board?

  1. Turtle Bay in AquaLittle Dot in Sunshine, Rain Drops in Storm
  2. Forest Life in Watermelon. Kona Candy Pink, Ping Pong in Yellow
  3. Outfoxed in Outwitted, Kona CharcoalBright Green Jewel in Outwitted
  4. Ruby Swoon in Grey, Tiny Gingham in RedRuby Sundae in Grey
  5. Speckle in Sky, Scissors in CreamChinoserie 

Answer: I bought #5  Did you guess right?  : )


  1. I am guessing 5 for no other reason than that is the one I would go for!!x

  2. I think you chose well! I noticed ages ago while watching Alex Anderson's Simply Quilts. Her set had a ton of turquoise on it, and no quilts ever seemed to clash. This made me buy a turquoise ironing board cover. I want my blocks to look pretty while I'm pressing them. :)

  3. I've been waiting anxiously for this too, mine desperately needs a recover as well!

  4. thanks for the link, adrianne!

    a mock-up is a great idea. not sure how to create one though. i generally copy pics and put them in the word processor and print the page out. not very high-tech, but it works. :)

  5. oh, I need to recover mine, too! Desperately. Thanks for sharing a link to the sew-along

  6. I'm going to guess 1. They are all really pretty combinations.

  7. You are so smart to do a little mock-up! That was great. Looking forward to seeing your newly recovered ironing board!

  8. I guessed right! I could use a new cover too. You should make a sample first to get all the kinks worked out and send it over to me :)

  9. Ooooh I was guessing number 4. When you finish this you will have to drag your ironing board to the next meeting so I can see it.

  10. I guessed number 4 also, but I love what you chose. You couldn't go wrong with any of the combinations you put together. How did you do those?

  11. The mockup is a great idea. I guess number 4 too, but they are all really good combinations.

  12. Oh my gosh - what a great idea! I just wrecked my cover while pressing some iron-to-baste batting. My cover is all sticky. I'm using an old towel so I can still press now! Thanks for sharing this project!

  13. Quite fun fabrics. The last one is great for the colors, the bit of sewing shout-out with the scissors and the dots would probably be a good background for pressing things.



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