Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Peaceful Pagoda

Step 1: Choose Colors

Peaceful Pagoda, Colors

Step 2: Choose Fabrics

Peaceful Pagoda, Fabrics

One of my favorite things to do is play with color and fabric. Inspiration is everywhere! Sometimes it starts with one fabric that I see and just love. Then I start thinking, what would I do with that?  

The other night I was window shopping online at The Intrepid Thread. Kate Spain's new line Good Fortune had just arrived and I was excited to take a closer look. I was drawn immediately to the Tranquility Lantern Flower print. I really liked the mix of purple, aqua and orange.

Then I browsed through the other fabrics looking for prints I liked in those colors. Initially I opened anything that might work. I was looking for a variety of scale, value, and subject (i.e. not too many florals or dots) and I narrowed the list down slowly. It was not surprising that many of them came from Good Fortune!

Sometimes my day dreaming stops there. Other times, I start to build a quilt.

Introducing a double hourglass quilt named, Peaceful Pagoda.

Step 3: Build A Quilt

Peaceful Pagoda, Quilt

** Edited to add: Stay tuned for a custom bundle from The Intrepid Thread and a GIVEAWAY. Eeeek!!!

  1. Good Fortune, Spirit Yoshino, Orange
  2. Oval Elements, Amethyst
  3. Good Fortune, Dragonfly, Lavender
  4. Pure Elements, Fresh Water
  5. Good Fortune, Raked Sand, Orange
  6. Good Fortune, Reflection Yoshino, Purple
  7. Oval Elements, Mood Indigo
  8. Good Fortune, Tranquility Lantern Flower, Aqua
  9. Pure Elements, Linen White
  10. Impressions, Medallion, Orange
  11. Good Fortune, Waterfall Sakura, Purple
  12. Sunny Happy Skies, Lace, Blue
  13. Good Fortune, Waterfall Rakes Sand, Light Blue
  14. Pure Elements, Cabernet
  15. Karavan, Savannah, Peacock
  16. Good Fortune, Tranquility Dragonfly, Aqua
  17. A Stitch In Color, Hand Dyed, Clementine
  18. Half Moon Modern, Big Dots, Aqua


  1. Good Fortune is so gorgeous! I got 2 charm packs and a little yardage last week. Even the selvages are cute!

  2. Wow! I love your color and fabric choices. Thanks for the beautiful inspiration.

  3. Love it. Thanks for the little tutorial on how you go about selecting colors/fabrics.

  4. Just hopped over from the Intrepid Thread...lovely fabric choices!

  5. A yummy collection of fabrics you've put together here. I had just been admiring Kate Spain's new collection on another blog. That Tranquility lantern flower print is gorgeous.

  6. I love the Good Fortune line and have already purchased and recieved some fat quarters. I have no idea what I will use them in. For now I like just looking and petting them. 8)

  7. Beautiful combination of fabrics and colors!

  8. Love the name, the fabric, and the design! I will have to look for this line. The shops in Knoxville don't seem to get some of these lines, even there are several shops, so it's good there are online places to go!

  9. I'm in love with Good Fortune as well and trying to decide which prints to buy...



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