Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Candy Corn Quilt

Candy Corn Quilt, Top

My last minute Halloween sewing didn't come in the form of costume, but a quilt instead. I got the top done, but it looks like we won't be snuggling with it until next Halloween. Well, at least I have a whole year to do the quilting.  

Guising by Lizzy House for Andover

It was 100% inspired by the print above from Guising by Lizzy House. More triangles, I know. Maybe I'm in my triangle period? As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to be a quilt. I started with a fat quarter bundle of the collection and then started adding to it. My fellow fabric fiends may recognize some of the prints mixed in the final top from Jenean Morrison, Lotta Jansdotter, Kate Spain, Zoe Pearn, and Sandy Klop (to name a few).

Initial Fabric Pull
My gut was to go with a linen or creamy neutral for the background.  My gut was wrong!  It was so blah!!   Above was a houndstooth print I was trying out.  Then I started adding other Lizzy House prints.  Some of the purples from her other collections.  Then.... I thought why not purple for the background?  Purple and orange?!  I know! Not my normal colors, but I think in this case it really helps all the colors of the triangles pop, the brown, orange, peach, and even the super cute almost gray ghost print.

I'm off to take the munchkins trick or treating.  Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. I love your quilt top! :0)
    And the candies sure look yummy.

  2. This is so fun, Adrianne. Nice work.

  3. So cool! I love how you did this, it looks wonderful!

  4. Oh, what a cool quilt top! LOVE LOVE LOVE the prints and colors you chose!

  5. Cute! Cute!! I love candy corn AND triangles so this is just perfect!

    Jennifer :)

  6. that is SUCH a fabulous quilt top! Love the colours and I'm so desperate to try triangles (if a little scared!)

  7. What a fun quilt!! Really terrific!

  8. Wow! That's a stunning quilt!
    Can't wait to see it all finished.

  9. I want to put aside all Christmas crafting and make this right.this.minute!!!



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