Thursday, October 18, 2012

Stitching with Aneela

Kids are home sick. I'm taking a  sanity break with @aneelahoey . The kids get a movie and juice.

In desperate need of distraction and something to occupy my hands while hanging out with sick kids, I turned to my new book, Little Stitches by Aneela Hoey. I flipped straight to the back where the transfers were and picked out a small simple design to start with, a cat.

It was so much fun, I settled the kids in with a movie and picked out the squirrel to work on.

The squirrel is from the book and I added the acorns and words. I had to, I couldn't stop stitching!! It's kind of funny looking at it again this morning. Somehow I changed Aneela's design of a squirrel holding a nut into two paws. Then when I added my own nut, not only is it huge, but it looks like it's magically levitating in front of the squirrel. It makes me giggle. The kids suggested maybe this squirrel was using the force to collect nuts.

I'm eyeing another design to try today. There are over 100... I might be here awhile.


  1. Aren't they addicting? I had to hide the book under a pile of fabric because I was letting all my WIPs linger too long.

  2. So cute! It may be time to get back to some stitching for me! Hope the kiddos are well soon, it is that season around here too.



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