Monday, October 8, 2012

Aurifil Wholecloth Challenge

We just wrapped up another great challenge at Bay Area Modern. This one was sponsored by Aurifil thread and the challenge was to make a modern wholecloth quilt. Wow! I never imagined a whole cloth quilt being so hard to do. It wasn't the stitching that was difficult, that went ok (ya know, for an amateur), it was the possibilities. There were no blocks to guide me, no sashing to fill in, just a blank cloth and some thread. I was stalled by too many ideas.

I started with some pink Aurifil thread and a matching yard of Kona cotton.  

For the back I chose a beautiful soft grey from Michael Miller.  I liked the contrast of colors on the back. The grey and pink together felt like a modern baby girl color combo.

My design started with flowers in the corners and then I filled in with vertical lines. The flowers seemed a little to loose and empty so I went back in and added some more quilting in a few of the petals.  Just a touch.

It was such a bold, clean look that I wanted to soften it a little with rounded corners and a sweet little floral binding by Lecien.

It doesn't have a home yet. Maybe a baby doll blanket? She is already color coordinated!


  1. Beautiful quilting! Its really striking and I love the colour too!

  2. great choices. It is very cool to see how modern this turned out, and just with quilting! Love the sweet floral binding and rounded edges too. Perfect touch.

  3. I like the whole cloth idea and I think you tackled it very well!! The binding looks so darling too:):)

  4. I love it. My favorite girls combo is pink and grey. I always want to do a whole cloth as I've seen a couple stellar ones on Pinterest but I never get around to doing it. Maybe now that I have my FMQ foot for my new machine I will...

  5. LOVE this. I love whole cloth quilts and Aurifil thread is the best! The pink and grey are great and the binding is adorable! Your quilting is so creative!



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