Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Inch by Inch, Spinning Stars Quilt Along

Finding sewing time these days is tough. I'm learning to sew in bits and pieces, accepting that a few minutes is better than not at all.

1. Fabric for Spinning Stars Quilt, 2. Does it look like anything yet? #spinningstars, 3. Test block complete. Center points need a little work. : ( #spinningstars, 4. #2 loving this ring with the blue. Points still mushy... Might fix it at the end, might not. #spinningstars, 5. Prolly TMI but here is a close up of the center. I've tried one open and one nested. Anyone know another trick?, 6. Went on a cutting bender. Future #spinningstars blocks., 7. Block #4, 8. 4 of 12 Spinning Stars w/ Mosaicmaker, 9. Hubs offered to cook dinner so I could sew. Best! #spinningstars

  • 6th - I dropped the kids off at school and picked up my fabric.
  • 12th - The quilt along began, and I was so excited! After starting the laundry, I made a test block.
  • 14th - A busy day, but I rode the wave of excitement and squeezed in another block.
  • 15-16th - I took the family to the fair and had a date night with hubby. Fun, but no sewing.
  • 17th - No time to sew, we needed clean clothes and dishes!
  • 18th - After school, I set up crafts in the playroom for the kids, and I went on a cutting bender. I got most of my pieces cut out. Yay! Then I made dinner. We were starving.
  • 19th - Super sour lime ring block done. Yes! Fist pump!!
  • 20-23rd - Too busy to sew, but I'm still thinking about my blocks.
  • 24th - Must-sew-now. I think I started twitching or something. Hubs offered to make dinner so I could sew. I happily accepted and started a few more blocks.

Inch by inch, I'm getting there.  Fourteen days and four blocks.  Progress is feeling so slow but I'll take it!


  1. Your blocks are sweeeeeet! I love the bold look.

    I don't even have kids and I am having trouble finding time for the QAL. I've got three blocks done and I can almost finish one per evening, but I've had to put it aside for the moment to get a round robin and my challenge quilt done before the October meeting. Eeep, running short on time!

  2. They are looking really good! Yes, a seam a day; the quilt gets done that way!

    TTSP, darling!

  3. It might seem slow, but it is GORGEOUS! One of my favorite quilts of the moment. Keep at it!

  4. oh...how we can all relate! Loved reading your day and beautiful mosaic!

  5. "I'm learning to sew in bits and pieces, accepting that a few minutes is better than not at all."
    There's a lot of wisdom in those words! spoken like a true mom. :)

  6. Heh, I don't have the family and I think it's still faster than I move a lot of the time lol

  7. Well, it already looks beautiful!! I hope you find the time you need. :)

  8. Fabulous blocks - really love them in the Chicopee!

  9. Adrianne, your blocks are beautiful, no stunning! I don't have any 2 legged kids at home and I can't find enough time to sew. A little at a time but you'll still get there at the end.



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