Monday, July 19, 2010

A Peek Inside

On any given day I can be found surfing flickr, reading blogs, and looking at crafty magazines and books.  I love soaking it all in never knowing what direction inspiration will take me.  Then in my sleep (or sometimes in the shower) all these images and ideas get mixed together and I have an idea, a direction, a starting point.  Let me take you on a tour of my current obsession.

This is a plate that I've had for a couple of years.  I love the warm, summery, saturated colors.  This is a color pallete that I wouldn't come up with on my own, but I *really* love it.  I've been saving it as an inspiration piece.  It keeps returning to my thoughts like a cd that keeps skipping.

One night, I was reading an interview of Kaffe Fasset and I was particularly moved my his Stripescape quilt.  It was followed quickly with a compulsive purchase of these shot cottons.  Left to Right: Pea Soup, Veridian, Magenta, Clementine, Prune, Navy, Cactus

That same night, I found myself pondering these stripes and linear shapes.

1. Stripescape by Kaffe Fassett, 2. weekend forecast ..., 3. mondrianesqueishpdxstyle .54

I started playing with a random stripe generator and came up with this: 

Some of my inspiration quilts are here, here and here.  I am thinking of sewing long strips of random(ish) heights together, then cutting them across the strips, and staggering them.  I like the idea of playing with scale and shape.  I don't know if it want it saturated with color or if I want to add some white too.  I need to go play and see what the fabric says.  : )

Sometimes I feel like I'm taking an immersion quilting course not knowing where I will end up.  There are so many interesting paths to explore.  I admire so many quilters whose style I recognize without introduction.  I am not in that place yet.  I have so much to learn and so much to do before I can find what is mine.  Show me your modern, contemporary, traditional, scrappy, wonky, color coordinated, bold, soft, single fabric line, hand picked, quilt kit, quilt pattern, sashed in white, lined in linen, dotty bordered quilts and I will show you me. 



  1. I really like those shot cottons - they look so luxurious! If it were me I would make the quilt just as you have it there with the stripes, no white. It would look fantastic with hand quilting in lovely perle cotton in some bright colours too. Oh - and have you seen the quilts that Rita (Red Pepper Quilts) has done with blanket stitching over the top of the binding? That would be perfect for this!

  2. Love it you are sharing your thinking! Looking forward to seeing it happen in real life!

  3. this plate is such fabulous inspiration...those colors with some white would be so amazing. i am inspired by your inspirations. they were so beautiful to look at. quilting is such a ongoing process...there is always something new to learn. maybe that is why we quilters never tire of it, because there is always something new.



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