Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Blocks Revisited

** You can find the Bliss giveaway post here.  Good Luck! **

In between sewing bags, I've been working on finishing this top.  Each block is BIG, just under 12" each.  Do the colors feel spring/summer to you?  I started the blocks in May!!  Yikes.  The blocks actually came together quickly and they were fun to do.  I really love how the chunky pieces show off the larger scale prints.  

I used a mish mash of fabrics from my stash.  A little Love by Amy Butler, a little Farmers Market by Sandi Henderson, Bloom & Grow by Riley Blake and dots.  I love dots!  

I was putting off finishing it because of the sashing.  I don't always have the best luck with sashing.  I love the look though.  All those bright happy colors and white, glorious white.  I came across something that changed me forever!  Well at least my sashing.  : )  Do you want to know too?  Ok.

First finish piecing your rows.  Once they are done measure each one.  Calculate their average width.  Cut your sashing strips to that size.  Start pinning the sashing to the rows with a pin on each end.  Now add a third pin in the middle.  Now you can pin the rest.  This will distribute the width of the sashing and the rows evenly.  If you need to smidge the fabric a little here and there you can.  Now I know some of you are reading this saying... uh... yeah!  What the heck were you doing before?  You don't even want to know!  Let's just say this was a light bulb moment for me.

The rain has finally come to California.  It smells wonderful!  A perfect day to sew.  What are you up to this weekend??



  1. Lovely colours, simply gorgeous! ;)

  2. Whereabouts in California are you? After 4 long years, I'm finally moving back to NorCal... I missed is so much!

    I'm finally going to be able to put the boarder on one of my twin quilts... super excited, haven't been able to sew in almost 3 weeks due to the move!

  3. Loved our Ca rain yesterday! Then dressed warm for today expecting more and the sun was out and it was a typical gorgeous Ca sunny day. Not complaint just wished I was dressed for it! Lol beautiful blocks. I just recently got some of those fabrics to use in a table runner I'm making. :)

  4. it's a beautiful quilt! I love hearing that the blocks are so big, making this go together quickly. I'm with you in that I'm not always the best at sashing either. Pins become my friends! We've had rain this weekend here in the Midwest for the first time in about a month, so I'm baking, cooking and sewing - fun!

  5. I usually measure the center across the quilt top and then cut my sashing that length. Pin in the center first and then move outward. Whatever works right?!! : )

  6. LOVE this design! Is it a pattern or something you just came up with!?!?! LOVE LOVE it a lot! Way to conquer the sashing, I shall heed your advice and do the three-pin method as my starting point!

  7. Gorgeous quilt top. Love those colors!

  8. Rainy days are perfect for sewing. There's nothing better. :-) It's drizzly here today too and I've been finishing up the quilting on the confetti quilt.
    Oh the dreaded sashing. :-/ I haven't ever done it the way you described!!! Perhaps that's why I have so much trouble with it!

  9. this is so gorgeous...thanks for the sashing tip. i hate sashing.



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