Monday, December 19, 2011

Meet Molly the Waldorf Inspired Doll


Every year I try to make my kids something for their birthdays.  This year, I made Molly for my daughter.  I've been obsessively researching how to make these Waldorf/Steiner style cloth dolls for a couple of years now.  There is something so endearing about them.  This is the first doll I've ever made and I needed to talk myself into it.  Shaping the head is like nothing I've ever seen before.  It was definitely a process and very satisfying in the end.  I had her *almost* finished for last year's birthday, but I ran out of creative steam and time.  Poor Molly still needed hair and clothes.


The doll skin is a very fine cotton interlock that I bought here.  She's stuffed with carded wool stuffing from here.  Her hair is a mix of three different yarns I picked out at a local yarn shop.    Even though I had a pattern, making the clothes was the hardest for me to do.  The fabric for her pinafore is Pam Kitty Morning from here, and the pants are upcyled from my daughter's old shirt.


See the little rosebud at the neckline?  I cut a skinny strip (pinky sized) of tshirt, folded it in half and rolled it up.  A few hand stitches hold it in place.

Here are some of the books and websites that I found helpful.  If you have any favorite patterns or hints for making dolls I'd love to hear.  I'm already planning on making another one.  : )

  1. Making Waldorf Dolls by Maricristin Sealey
  2. Making Dolls by Sunnhild Reinckens
  3. The Doll Book by Karin Neuschutz



  1. Molly is gorgeous! Love her hair with flicks of gold and red, her sweet face. Incredible work Adrianne!

  2. She's beautiful!! My daughter has had her "LaLa" (that she named when she was two)for many years now and I have finally just started making clothes for her. They are such sweet friends for little girls- or boys!! Great job!

  3. What a cutie-patootie!! Looks like you did a great job - your daughter will love her!!

  4. She is so awesome, is that really the first doll you ever made!? My compliments you did it very well!

  5. She's adorable. I love the way you've done her hair :)

  6. Holy cow, she's so cute! I especially love the hair and the pants! Good job!

  7. She is so cute. I am sure she'll be well-loved!

  8. She is lovely. I've made one Steiner/Waldorf doll and I loved the results. I need to make more, one day. I'm sure she will be much loved. Jacinta

  9. Sweet. I looked into how to make them, but decided that though it looked like a very rewarding process, it was just not the right time for learning another art. Good job!

  10. I've never felt like making a doll before - but you've done such a great job, and she's VERY cute!!!

  11. Thank you for sharing all your really helped!



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