Monday, April 2, 2012

On My Nightstand

Happy Monday Everyone!!

Did you have a good weekend? Relaxing? Busy? Productive? I spent part of mine happily reading. Here's a peek of what's on my nightstand.


There is Zakka Style for the sew along. Did you see Terri's tote bag this morning? So cute! I think I have enough essex in my stash to make a fun solid one.

I bought Transparency Quilts and A Field Guide to Fabric Design for my birthday...

See the top two? 37 Sketches and Liberated Quiltmaking II? Gwen Marston sent me copies to review and giveaway to one of my readers. Lucky ducks!! I have and love Liberated Quiltmaking II. Do you remember my Habitat quilt? I learned that technique from Gwen's book! I don't have her new one yet but it's high on my wishlist. Keep your eyes out for the giveaway later in the week.

I'm revisiting Material Obsession and Freddy & Gwen Collaborate Again, looking for some scrappy inspiration.

There is an Everyday Food magazine tucked in there too. It's actually last years April issue, but April is April, right? Ugh. I'm in a major cooking rut. I just want good food that my family will eat and I don't have to think about too much.

Asterisk blocks

I got in some sewing time too. Yay! I made a few asterisk blocks. I've never made these before and they were so much fun! I used this technique and my own measurements. I cut my main square 13" and my strips were 1.25" wide. The strips were a jelly roll and I cut it right down the middle. It was just enough for one block. Cool right? After I was done sewing the blocks, I trimmed them down to 12.5".

Liberated Asterisk Block

This one was almost liberated... I wish I pushed myself to take it a little farther. I'm definitely going to revisit the idea of liberated asterisks. Maybe with smaller blocks and a limited color palette?  Hmmm...

Any good books on your nightstand?  : )



  1. Most of those are on my Amazon wishlist!!
    I haven't heard of 37 stitches - is it new???

  2. I really liked A Field Guide to Fabric Design. I learned a ton about fabric itself and the process of producing it.

    Right now I am reading She's Come Undone. Not a craft book, but a relaxing read. I need one of those right now. :)

  3. Zakka Style and Modern Block 99...are on a fedex truck out for delivery this morning so they will be joining Little Bits Quilting Bee and Farmer's Wife on my nightstand soon. BTW: love the new picture and Spring Cleaning. My blog is feeling all cluttered and it's brand new!

  4. I wish my nightstand were so tidy.

  5. I have a pile of books by the bed too--and a couple of the same ones (Material Obsession and Freddy and Gwen)--glad to see I'm not the only one whose bedtime reading is photos of quilts. Your asterisks are great!

  6. Hmmm A Field Guide to Fabric Design? That sounds really interesting... I'll have to take a look for it.

  7. I have 2 vintage pineapple quilt books, 'Word Play Quilts' by Tonya Ricucci, the new Denyse Schmidt book, and fiction by Jodi Picoult and Terry Patchett right now.....Love the new blog look, and excited to hear you are a stop on the Zakka Style blog sew-along!

  8. I think I read the Field Guide to Fabric Design from cover to cover. I'd been waiting for that book to be written! I really love Quilting Line + Color too. It's once of my favorite quilting books because the projects are a lot more abstract.

  9. I wonder if Material obsession is still available? You have some of the best books : )

  10. I'm a lame friend for just now catching up to read this. Thanks for the sweet comment about my tote. I love your asterisks blocks. I need to make some like now!!!

  11. i LOVE your almost liberated astericks! they are so fun. :) glad to hear that you all are feeling better. i know exactly what you mean about the feeling of the sun so bright after the fact. hee hee.

    oh, about books. The new Denyse Schmidt book is rocking my world these days. have you seen it? i LOVED it. so so much.



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