Monday, November 19, 2012

Pillow Talk Swap 9: Modern Butterflies

Modern Butterfly Pillow

Wrapped and ready for my partner

From Instagram: Test Block, Fabric Pull, Butterflies in the Wild

Wow, another fantastic round of the Pillow Talk Swap!  I had so much fun stalking my secret partner.  Darci made a great inspiration mosaic to get me started.  When I was thinking about what to make for her, I knew I wanted it to be not only scrappy and colorful, but also crisp with a touch of whimsy.  Butterflies are whimsical, right?  Well, this is my spin on butterflies.  It's a nod to a traditional quilt block with a twist of my own.  I loved making it so much, I'm already working on a butterfly quilt.

Does anyone else want to try it?  I'd be happy to write a tutorial.


  1. Very pretty - I agree that it does have a solid nod toward whimsy. I would love to try this block!

  2. It's beautiful, I love the jewel colors paired with the text fabric.

  3. Ooh yes please! This is so beautiful!



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