Monday, April 22, 2013

Briar Rose Quilt Design Contest

Briar Rose by Heather Ross for Windham Fabrics

New Heather Ross Fabric, fun and prizes?

Yes, count me in!

Like many of you, I am so excited that Heather Ross has returned to quilting cottons with her upcoming collection, Briar Rose for Windham Fabrics.  To celebrate, Windham has teamed with Threadbias and Pink Castle Fabrics in a quilt design contest.  Sounds fun so far, right?!

Ok, so here is what you need to do.  

1) Sign up for a Threadbias account (free)
2) Use their quilt design tool to design a quilt using prints from Briar Rose.  
3) Load it up, save it up, and you are entered to win enough fabric to make your quilt.  

Hurry!  You have until May 5th, 2013 to enter.

Here is my design, called Puddle Jumper.

Puddle Jumper - Quilt Design
"Sweet frogs hop and skip across puddles of color causing ripples as they go.  Strategic color placement adds a graphic whimsy to this quilt.  It's scrappy with a purpose.  Simple block construction makes this accessible to all experience levels.  A perfect excuse for playing with these cute Heather Ross prints!"

Windham Fabrics
Heather Ross
Pink Castle Fabrics 


  1. Scrappy with a purpose sounds wonderful!

    The frogs are my fave in HR's new line:) The flowers with the thistles looking petals are great too!

  2. That is such cute fabric!
    Those little frogs make me smile.
    Your pattern looks fabulous!!

  3. Super cool! I like your design!

  4. That's very cool! Love it and I can't wait for that line to come out either. They will make such cute kids quilts!

  5. I really liked that design when I was looking at them! cute!



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