Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader

I've been in denial since Google announced they would be shutting down Google Reader. It's been part of my daily routine for-ev-er! I thought for sure they would come out with something that would take it's place or at least act as a bridge to a new service? Nope. 

Now is the time to find a new reader if you haven't already. They really are shutting it down July 1st. That's less than a week away. Even if you try a new service and don't like it, at least move all your data over. It's easy, I promise.

I've been trying out both Feedly and Bloglovin' and they are both pretty good and getting better all the time. If I'm reading from my laptop, I really like the way Bloglovin' looks. A lot of crafty bloggers and quilt bloggers are recommending this one.

On my phone I love the Feedly app with it's different layouts, custom features and speed!

*Craft Buds has a great blog post walking you through some of the different options. 

*There is one clear choice for Monica at Happy Zombie. Find out which service she chose. I bet her post makes you smile.

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  1. I've been using Feedly on my phone and computer, I think it's great and you can basically import everything from google reader into it, nothing lost. Change is always difficult, though.



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