Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Halfway done and oops!

While I was sewing the other day, I had a sinking feeling that something was not quite right. I was halfway through piecing this quilt top when I realized that I sewed it wrong. Well not technically wrong, just not the way I had planned. The first photo (above) is the original plan. The second photo (below) is what I sewed together.

I remembered that I was going to group the "boats" by color and print, which I think looks really cool in mass. Somehow when I got to sewing, I only grouped by color. Still cool, but much more scattered and patchworky and less deliberate feeling. I was fond of the deliberate this time.

I'm going to keep going, but I might have to make two quilts now because the original idea is kind of a nag. Maybe nagging in a good way though.



  1. Use what you sewed on the backing. I really like your original idea.

  2. Ugh, I know that sinking feeling well! Hate when that happens! I like the first pattern best, just saying.

  3. Hey, that's a great idea in the top comment. I agree with you and the others, the color and print grouping just has an extra element of cohesiveness that really makes it.

  4. Ugh, that's so frustrating when that happens. That being said, I think it looks good this way too, although I totally see what you're saying about your original plan.

  5. I hate it when this happens to me and I have to talk myself into liking the new version when I don't want to use the seam ripper. I like both of your set up and I see it as a positive "oops" because you get to make another quilt, use up more fabric so you can shop for more fabric. :)

  6. Thank you all! I set the oops blocks aside and spent yesterday figuring out a way to make the original plan work. You are right, it's just fabric and I can always use it for something else. It felt good to keep moving forward. : )



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