Monday, June 7, 2010

Flock of Geese and Tangled Bobbins

I've got some Geese to share with you...

Usually I piece blocks together in long rows, then join the rows in pairs, then join the pairs together until I have a completed top.  These blocks are small (2" x 4.5") and honestly a little wonky.  I'm afraid to trim them too much because I don't want to loose any points.  I'm going to put them together in groupings of 12 geese and then join and trim those together.  I hope it works out ok.  I think I bit off a little more that I could chew.  I've got some wonky, bias stretching, ironing instead of pressing thing going on with the white triangles.  They are deceivingly tricky.  I still have so much to learn!!  : )

Winding bobbins at midnight and I get this...

What in the heck?!?  I finally got one good one after fiddling around.  Rethreading, powering off, then on, presser foot up, then down.  I have no idea.  I've never had a problem before.  I think my sewing fairy was reminding me it was time for bed.



  1. I get in the most ridiculous predicaments when I try to sew "just a little bit more" when I'm tired. Usually I get a major jam that sucks my fabric deep into the bobbin case or I sew a long seam and then find out it's backwards.

  2. i always have something like that happen when i am up late sewing. love the flying geese

  3. You've had a makeover! I like it. Very summery and fresh. :-)
    I haven't been brave enough to try flying geese yet, so I think you're are fabulous!
    Save your tangly bobbins and use the thread for when you're handstitching the back of your bindings - that's what I do when there's only a little bit left on the reel of thread. There are a lot of bindings in those 3 bobbins!! ;-)

  4. I had the same bobbin problem. I found that it was because I got over excited when winding the bobbin and would use full speed (no one, including the manual, told me that I shouldn't do that). Once I started winding at a more medium speed my problem went away.
    Your flying geese were great.



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