Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Smocked Sundress Success

As soon as I saw this daisy print from Sandi Henderson's Meadowsweet I wanted to make a sundress for my daughter.  I have never sewn clothes before, but I saw Heather Ross do it on the Martha show and I wanted to try.  So many firsts occured while making this dress...

* first time using elastic thread
* first time using a hem tool
* first time attempting (and conquring) a blind hemstitch
* first time poking daughter with a pin (ouch!  Sorry!!)

I read through this tutorial from House on Hill Road and this one from Heather Ross's blog as my starting point.  I started it in June and I finished it today!  I kept putting it off because I made it a little too big and it needed to be rehemmed.  Lame.  Mother Nature extended summer with a crazy hot week.  A perfect excuse to finish if you ask me.  Now excuse me while I put my iron away.  : )



  1. That print reminds me of a sundress my mom made me :)

    I actually bought elastic thread, but have not been brave enough to try it just yet. Good for you!

  2. Very cute dress...I'm sure the pin poke is all forgotten since she has such a lovely sundress.

  3. this is so cute...hooray you for trying something new.

  4. Really cute! Thanks for sharing where you found instructions. I'm going to try making one for my niece. :)

  5. This dress is so pretty! love how she is standing on tippy toes. Cute!



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