Monday, July 25, 2011

Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelet

Ah friendship bracelets, you caught me happily by surprise.  I loved making these when I was younger.  Picking out the colors of embroidery floss was the very best part.  

It all started a couple of weeks ago.  Heather posted a link to this Purl Bee tutorial.  Then last week Jeni posted a great guide to picking colors.  The next thing you know, I was pinning strands to my knee, happily knotting away my evening.  Crazy fun!

I still have these summery, sherbety colors on my mind.  I might make a few more while the kids splash around in the sprinkler.  Maybe I'll try the chevron stripe.  I never could do that one.  : )

Isn't the slower pace of summer great?


  1. Oh what memories you evoked. I can't remember how to make those friendship bracelets. That may be a future tutorial you'll need to post! Ha!

  2. The timing on this is amazing, I was just thinking this weekend I should teach my nieces how to make friendship bracelets. This post reminds me of why I loved making them.

  3. aDORABLE!!! How fun is that:)

  4. Cute! I love how crafts come around again and again, and yet feel new and fresh at the same time! (I may have to do these with my grands when they come visit in September!)

  5. I think I still have a half made bracelet in my embroidery floss box.... hmmm wonder where it came from?

  6. I was just thinking that I wanted to make some a few weeks ago, but I didn't have the embroidery floss to make them. I wanted more to add to the one I have on my ankle...

  7. I saw that project when The Purl Bee posted it, and I had immediate feelings of nostalgia too! I remember making these and wearing them, and now I miss them. My teenage nieces make them constantly and love to stack them. So inspiring and fun to see them get revived by our generation!

  8. I've been making these with my 7 year old daughter and it's been so much fun to share a blast from my past with her!

    Love your colors!

    Jennifer :)



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