Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Letter A


Today’s blog post is brought to you by the letter A.  Cyn, a friend and fellow East Bay MQG member just welcomed her first baby. Nothing gets a bunch of quilters fired up to create like a new baby!

Together we chose a letter or two and made mini quilts. Stacey put them all together to make an ABC book. We had complete freedom to create whatever we wanted for our page.  The only guideline was the size, 8.5” x 11”.  Pieced, appliqued, fussy cut, improv, anything goes. The creativity of this group is so impressive!!

I chose the letter A. Adrianne starts with A, so it wasn’t really a stretch. ; )

I love reading with my kids. Love. When they were babies I remember spending hours sitting together and looking at books. They were always so engaged, touching, pulling, looking, patting and drooling. I would point and call out colors, shapes, letters, objects, textures, anything that was related. They would coo, curl their little baby toes and kick their feet in excitement.

There is a lot of potential conversations packed in this seemingly simple page.

I fussy cut some apples out of a horded and beloved Japanese fabric from my stash. I think it was called “une pomme”. I really wanted the red apples to pop off the page so I picked an equally clear blue and a sunny yellow. The letter A is made from Washi by Rashida Coleman Hale (hot off the new fabric pile, woot!). The background dot is from City Weekend by Liesl Gibson. That whole line has the softest feel to it. Lovely.


Then I made a custom tag out of the same apple fabric for the side of the page. My babies loved tags, and this adds some interest to the side of the page.


On the front of my page, I used a letter stitch on my sewing machine to embroider the letter A scattered all over. It kept the page soft and A’s are bumpy for little fingers to touch. The texture of the quilting on the back is very different (straight lines), which is not only fun to touch, but it’s more structured to help the page keep it’s shape.


Welcome to the world sweet baby!!


View entire book here.


  1. That's so cuuute! I really love the tag that you added.

  2. That is adorable!! How in the heck did you make that tag?? so cute!

    1. Thanks Lucy! To make the tag I fussy cut a small piece of fabric, pressed the raw edges under and stitched it into the side seam.

  3. I love this idea! What a great way to welcome a new guild baby! I'm sure each page shows the personality of the quilter who made it. Your apple page is just too cute!

  4. That tag was a perfect touch. You're so clever!

  5. I find this project sooooo inspiring!!! It's lovable and loving...perfect for a baby!

  6. I find this project sooooo inspiring!!! It's lovable and loving...perfect for a baby!



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