Monday, December 3, 2012

On the Design Wall: Happy Christmas

Introducing, Happy Christmas

This is the power of suggestion at work. The week before Thanksgiving, my son says to me, "Mom, you should make a Christmas quilt for us this year." Sure, thing Buddy! The next thing I know I was shopping for fabric. I picked out lots of happy, fresh, crisp colors in red, lime, kelly, pink and aqua.

Fussy Cut Gnomes
First, I cut a bunch of strips for the over-sized rail fence blocks a la ORBCO. Then I added the over-sized square blocks because the gnomes *had* to be fussy cut. Last, I had to figure out a way for it to all go together. This is what I came up with and I'm calling it, "Happy Christmas".

Pieced Top

-An eclectic mix of holiday prints from Michael Miller
-1001 Peeps by Lizzy House
-Kumari Garden by Dena Designs
-Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt
-Apple of My Eye by the Quilted Fish
-City Weekend by Olive + S

Little Bluebell via Instagram

I'm silly excited that I bought the mini gnome print for the back!


  1. Don't you love it when the kiddos "pressure" us into making them a quilt-hehehe...I personally love it!!

    I adore all the colors you chose:)

  2. This came out completely awesome! I hope your son loves it. And asks for another one next year. :)

  3. This is great! I love the colors and the way you put everything together. With those colors, there is no reason you need to put it up after Christmas. I'm making my first Christmas quilt too!

  4. I love those little gnomes! Such a sweet quilt.

  5. Beautiful colors! Beautiful quilt!

  6. this is darling!!!! how much of the gnome fabric did you need in order to fussy cut the gnomes? if i may ask
    thanks julie

    1. Hi Julie, I bought 1/2 yard of the gnomes and I ended up using most of it. I cut almost all of my gnomes into 4.5" squares and that ended up wasting the near by gnomes. If you used smaller cuts, you could get even more gnomes for a project.

  7. This is adorable! Having followed your link to the fabric line, I can see why you're so excited about your mini-gnome backing - enjoy :)

  8. Oh my goodness. That is the happiest Christmas quilt I have ever seen!!

  9. This little gnome quilt is darling!! Love the cheerful colors.

  10. This is perfect in every way! Nice fabric selection!!!



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