Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Secret Fabric Swap and the *almost* Poochie Bag

This gorgeous bundle is for my secret BAMQG holiday swap partner. After I got her wishlist, I headed my local quit shop. My partner likes:
  • Ric Rack Rabbits
  • Chicopee
  • Geometrics 
  • Retro fabrics

I remembered another helpful hint; my partner often comes to the meetings wearing red. I liked the idea of a coordinated, but slightly eclectic bundle. These rabbits were my starting point and I added the rest one at a time.

These are about to get pooch-ified! @happy_zombie

When it came time to wrap it up, I thought I'd be sneaky and use the same prints from her bundle. Who would guess if it matched? I remembered Monica's fat quarter friendly Poochie Bag pattern. Perfect! I ended up fudging the measurements a little to fit the print. It's not exactly as the pattern was written, but I think it still looks cute. For inquiring minds, I pooched 2" in order to fit the fat quarter stack.

Add in a fabric covered journal and a spool of thread and we're good to go.

Now my secret it out. Happy Holidays, Annemarie!

Ric Rac Rabbits, Bunny Dresses in Red by Creative Thursday
Meet the Gang, Friends in Green by Creative Thursday
Chicopee, Cross Square in Green by Denyse Schmidt
Chicopee, Circle Cross in Red by Denyse Schmidt
Ric Rac Rabbits, Wreaths in Red by Creative Thursday
Ric Rac Rabbits, Bunny Suit in White by Creative Thursday
Chicopee, Cross Square in Red by Denyse Schmidt
Chicopee, Voltage dot in Red by Denyse Schmidt
Chicopee, Paisley in Red by Denyse Schmidt

Poochie Bag Pattern - FREE from Monica Solorio-Snow of Happy Zombie


  1. This was the best present ever. I can't thank you enough Adrianne. Really, what a thrill. Thanks so much.

  2. Very pretty fabric and what a great idea for a bag.



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