Monday, January 28, 2013

A start of something new

Inspiration is a strange thing. I've been wanting to make a plus quilt for ages, but it wasn't until last week that I needed to make one. What changed? I wish I knew! 

I have admired, pinned, and favorited several plus/cross quilts over the years, but all of a sudden a layout and a color combo came together in my head. Once I had this idea, it wouldn't let up. I've been cutting, sewing, staying up too late and slugging coffee like a woman possessed.

This is an admittedly odd grouping of color and I love it's quirkiness. I chose the solids first from Pink Chalk Fabrics, and then I picked the print for the backing. It's not an exact match, but I loved the paisleys so much I had to have it. I couldn't wait for the fabric to arrive so I could get started.

Kona in Curry, Slate, Bone, Jade, Cerise, Flesh and Pomegranate by Robert Kaufman
Somerville Study, Pindar Paisley in Sienna by Alexander Henry

-Scroll down to see Rashida's beautiful quilt from her book, I Love Patchwork.
-The inspiration for Rashida's quilt came from this quilt by Maritza Soto.
-You *must* see this quilt from the Jonathan Holstein collection, which had to have been the inspiration for the Alabama Quilt by Folk Fibers.
-Modern red and white crosses by CB Handmade
-Antique red and white cross quilt

Ok, I'll stop linking now.  There are so many inspiring quilts!



  1. LOVE these fabrics together! I love the plus quilt too and have so far only made a pillow. It's suprisingly time consuming to get the lay out right!

    1. You're right, the layout is key! It's kind of involved for a bunch of squares, but totally worth it.

  2. inspiration can take over with a rush can't it---so wonderful!

    Excited to see your colors come alive in a quilt top!

    1. Yes! Starting a new project is the best!! Maybe that explains all of my UFOs. ; )

  3. What beautiful jewel toned fabrics you have chosen.

  4. love the colors!!! what are you using to design your quilts? is it just graph paper??

    1. Hey Paula! I used EQ for this one. Sometimes I use Illustrator instead. It depends on the project. : )

  5. Loving your colours, can't wait to see what they become :)



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