Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sparkle Punch Beginnings

The South Bay Area MQG announced a fun quilt along a few months back. I cannot resist a good quilt along and this will be the first one I've done with local quilters. I'm excited! We're making Elizabeth Hartman's Sparkle Punch quilt together. I found fabrics pretty quickly and even cut out all my squares. Then it was set aside in order to finish some other projects.

This week my worktable opened up and Sparkle Punch came charging in!! After a busy weekend, the kids have wanted to stay home and I am more than happy to let them. Ahhhh. I love summertime. : )

Sewing the start points is fun! Trimming not so much...

Mixing in new fabric combinations and playing with color is my favorite part.

Have you made a sparkle punch quilt yet?

South Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild
Sparkle Punch by Elizabeth Hartman (Oh Fransson)


  1. I have made one of these quilts and they are so cute. The only thing is that they take WAY longer than you would ever think it would take. Be careful and think about how big you want to make it because it's much more commitment than you think it will be.

  2. Isn't it fun to have a big stack of fabric all cut and ready to sew? Seeing your picture makes me want to leave work early to go home and sew! *daydreams!*

  3. Oh this will be so pretty! I'm loving what I can see of your fabric choices so far.

  4. I've made a sparkle punch baby quilt and a pillow - my excuse for lagging along with the QAL. I need to put a twist in the plans to spark new interest and progress. Totally agree...Trimming - not so much a fan either, that's why I pick the size of block based on the square ruler I own!

  5. One of these quilts is on my someday list, but when I make it, I think I want it to be for myself, so I'm willing to wait until the right fabrics come screaming along.

  6. Love your fabrics, this is going to be so pretty!

  7. I just started one (for a mini quilt) and posted about it for WIP Wednesday :) Love the colors you are using! It's a great quilt, isn't it?



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