Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Scrappy Trip is Finished

There is nothing better than pulling a freshly finished quilt out of the dryer. This quilt began as part of the scrappy trip along earlier this year. I remember finishing the top over winter break, and even though I had fabric for the backing and the binding all picked out, I put off finishing it.

Basting via: Instagram

I don't usually have room to pin baste quilts this size without moving stuff around so they sit around to be quilted longer than my smaller quilts. I also wasn't sure how I wanted to quilt it. It has a vintage feel with all of the patchwork squares and I wanted to keep it soft and squishy. Helen (Helen in the UK) suggested clam shell quilting and I LOVED that idea. 

Binding via: Instagram

This is my first try at free motion clam shells and even though they are kind of wobbly, they were fun to do. Instead of pre-marking the quilt, I used the patchwork as a grid for the quilting lines. There are so many of my favorite prints and colors mixed in this quilt. If it weren't in the 90s this week, I'd curl up for a nap on the couch. ; )

Name: Summer Trip
Size: 60"x84"
Pattern: Scrappy Trips Around The World by Bonnie Hunter
Pieced and Quilted by Adrianne Ove
Previously Blogged about here and here 

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  1. fun clamshells sound like a good call. congrats on the finish of Summer Trip.

  2. beautiful! Fabulous prints and great colours. The quilting is a nice contrast to the squares, I really want to try quilting clamshells too!

  3. This is still my favourite scrappy trip - and I love how you chose to quilt it. Beautiful!

  4. It turned out great! I'm still working on mine. I pinned this!

  5. This is seriously one of my favorite scrappy trip quilts I've seen! LOVE the clam shell quilting. I am itching to get started on a scrappy trip for myself but I need to finish up some other things first. Soon though!

  6. This is beautiful and you have inspired me to make one. I love it when your email appears in my inbox.

  7. I turned out beautifully! My top has been finished and waiting for quilting...maybe this summer yet.

  8. Gorgeous - love the clamshell quilting!

  9. You did a wonderful job on this! It's gorgeous

  10. Great scrappy trip quilt! The colors and how it crinkled up, it looks vintage!

  11. I love the colors! It turned out very nicely :)

  12. the clamshell was a perfect idea! Looks great Adrianne!



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