Thursday, November 20, 2014

Color Walk 006

Sometimes when I'm walking, I see something that makes me stop and take a closer look. These color palettes start with a photo I've taken, usually with my phone, and often when I'm out doing ordinary things. Each color swatch is labeled with the coordinating Kona cottons by Robert Kaufman. 

A bonus palette this week! I was sitting working at my kitchen table when I noticed the gorgeous sunshine streaming behind the leaves in my backyard. I've learned over time, that these things don't wait and if you blink the moment disappears. So I grabbed my phone and went outside to try to capture what I saw. After I shared the photo, my friend Susan commented that it would be a nice quilt palette. I think she's onto something! : )


  1. This IS a beautiful palette for a quilt! Isn't it awesome that leaves are FINALLY changing colors here in CA?

  2. Gorgeous photo and I agree that's a beautiful palette!

  3. Oh, I really like that Autumn color palette. I need to think about this. :)

  4. I am really loving your palettes, Adrianne! They make me happy whenever I see a new one. :)



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