Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall Forest Quilt Along

Welcome to an impromptu Fall Forest quilt along, where we will be making lots of cute little patchwork trees together. Everyone is welcome to participate! I will be posting a few tips here on the blog, but most of the action will be over on Instagram, using the hashtag, #fallforestqal.

These blocks are super easy to make. If you can sew a quarter-inch seam, you can make these blocks! Don't let the triangles scare you. 1) we are doing it together, so you can ask for help at any time 2) there is only a few of them in the actual quilt, so it's a perfect chance to try them out 3) they are sewn into squares, so when it's time to piece your top, you are back to straight edges again. Awesome, right?!


-Press and starch your fabric before cutting. This will help keep those bias edges from stretching out of shape as we work. It's not critical, but I find it really helpful.

-I highly recommend the Tri-Recs tools. They make the cutting go fast and easy.

-Figure out how many of each color you need to cut and make a list. My cutting list is below if you want to make a quilt like my samples. These are just suggestions. Have fun and experiment with the color ratios in your quilt. Small changes will make a big difference in your final quilt. 

For my fall palette, I cut more trees out of typical fall leaf colors, and then added a few others as supporting colors. They make the main colors pop.

For my winter palette, I chose bright, icy, winter colors and cut more pieces using those colors. Then I went back and added a few darker versions to help ground them and add depth.


-Kits available at The Intrepid Thread (Kits include: Tri-Recs tool option, all the fabric you need to make your quilt top and a printed pattern)

The trees can absolutely be cut from scraps! Each scrap will need to be at least 6" x 6" for the tree tops. Here is a little plaid tree I made using a scrap. A plaid tree? Why not! Have fun with it!! : )

We want to see what you're making! Share your process pictures over on Instagram and make some new Fall Forest friends. You can start at any time. Just share your photos and add #fallforestqal to the description. Check out the hashtag to see what everyone else is making.

If you have any questions, ask below and I will answer in the comments.



  1. seeing the plaid tree made me think of this...

    "They've gone to plaid!"

  2. I can't wait to get going on this. It's really out of my rectangular box, well sort of. Thanks for the push Adrianne. :o)

  3. I read the directions and they say to press the seams open...with the white fabric isn't it best to press toward the dark color (the trees)? Thanks....

    1. Hi Annette, If you prefer to press to the side, you can do that too. I like pressing triangles open so when sewing them together, I can see exactly where the points are and they stay nice and pointy.

    2. Thank you...looking forward to starting on this kit..A

  4. Awesome, hopefully I can get started tonight. I think I will make two.

    1. I remember you got the Fall kit. Now I'm excited to see what else you have in mind for the second one!! : )



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