Sunday, April 11, 2010

Birch Fabrics

I'm starting to love it when my husband goes out of town for business.  On his drive home, he stops by Birch Fabrics and buys fabric... for me!  I'm a very lucky lady.  :)  Have you seen Cynthia's new store?  Gorgeous!  We're planning our next family vacation so I can see Birch in person.  In the meantime... I will keep shopping at their online store, fabricworm.

He picked out a bundles of Cynthia's new line Circa 50s',

Robert Kaufman's Groove

and Nicey Jane.

Well, technically the Nicey Jane is for our pink obsessed two year old.  He asked Cynthia for "something pink."  Our daughter approved.   She carried the bundle all around the house telling us, "for me!  pink!  i love it!"   She can't sew yet so I get to play too.


  1. You must have the BEST husband EVER!

  2. Oh, isn't he good?!!! I'm quite sure that my husband would choose something hideous! I am especially jealous of that big Nicey Jane bundle. :-)

  3. Wow, you have a very sweet husband. I'm sure my husband would do the same for me, but I'm not so sure he would make the right fabric choices! I love Birch fabrics new 50's style line of fabrics. :)



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