Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Whirligig Back

I'm working on finishing up the whirligig quilt for my son.  He's had a lot of input so far especially on the colors and it's fun getting that feedback from him.  He's 4.  I had a bunch of white cut out for the back of his quilt.  My plan was use white and add a strip of whirligigs on the back, or maybe just one for the label.  Simple.  My son sees all the white and says, "Mama, you should add colors all over this white!"

I came up with this using all the scraps I had leftover from the front.  They were already 5" tall so I cut them all different widths and strung them together. I needed a little white on the top and bottom because the rest of the back is going to be a print.  Yes, not white.  Who does this kid think he is anyways?! 

I really like it.  These colors are so cheerful and so him.  It was really fun putting it together the strip spontaneously.  I will be doing this again.  Maybe even on a whole quilt.  So I have the back mostly done, the top done, almost time to quilt and bind.


  1. Looking good! Please post him to me so that he can help me out with the back of that dreaded 9-patch quilt. I'll keep an eye out for him in the letter box. Thanks.


  2. Heehee... if I could only find a box big enough! He may be available as an online consultant. His rates are very reasonable... sweets.



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