Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Buy the Bolt

When I was about to start my log cabin quilt, I emailed Camille for a solid fabric recommendation to compliment her "Simple Abundance" line.  I do a lot of my fabric shopping online and I wasn't sure about buying, white, cream, ivory type colors without seeing it in person.  She recommended Moda Bella solids in Snow.  I bought two yards and loved it.  It has a softer, silkier feel compared to Kona. 

I ran out before I could finish my blocks... and bought some more.  I ran out again... and bought an entire bolt!  You see, I've got a lot of quilts to make.  Three yards here, two there.  Fifteen yards goes faster than you think.  I can't spend all my time stalking the UPS man.  I thought I was all set.  I told my husband I was all set.  And I was, until I started working on my whirlygig quilt.  I used white this time and ran out... so what did I do?  I bought a bolt!

1 comment:

  1. i just bought some of my first moda bella solids and totally agree that they are way softer than kona



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