Monday, May 10, 2010

Introducing, Miss Nicey Jane

Even through the rain this quilt is bright an springy.  May I introduce to you... Miss Nicey Jane.

I was inspired by this quilt the same day my husband brought me home a stack of Nicey Jane.  The next thing you know I was cutting and sewing up a storm.  I loved the chunky windmill block with the bold prints.  The colors put a smile on my face.  The windmills came together very quickly.  I pieced together long 2 1/2" strips and then cut them into pieces (blades).  The border is made up of the leftovers.  I've got stripes planned for the binding and a large floral for the back.  Whirrrrrr..... here I go.



  1. Really, really, really nice! Love the little squares on the border. I might just have to copy.
    (and *yay!* for more blog posts too) :-)

  2. this is amazing...i love your quilt!!! i wandered over here today and had to tell you that i loved your blog. i am now a new follower



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