Sunday, May 9, 2010

Whirlirgig Finished

A finish and a start...

I finished my whirligig quilt this week.  Taking a new quilt fresh from the dryer is the best feeling ever.  I love this pattern.  A perfect use of charm packs (make sure you buy two).  Cathy's tutorial made it so easy.

My son was a design consultant throughout.  He chose the colors with red, yellow, and orange being favorites.  He also wanted soft, line quilting instead of bumpy free motion quilting.  He wanted color everywhere on the back and not white.  At four I was impressed with his interest.  He also did NOT want a quilt label.  Phooey! I loved how excited he was when I told him it was finally finished.  He asked if he could give it a snuggle.  Yes.  Yes.  Oh Yes.  Please give it a snuggle. 

So now I'm working on one for little sister.  She's two and she wants PINK.  Nicey Jane will do nicely.  Don't you think?



  1. Nicey Jane will do very well indeed! I love that the design for each of them is so similar, but just different enough to make each one unique.

  2. A terrific finish! Doesn't it warm your heart that they want to snuggle up in it?



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