Monday, November 15, 2010

Manly Beginnings

I'm contemplating the start of another quilt.

I really should be cleaning the bathrooms or maybe vacuuming.  Both are desperately needed. The kids are playing so nice together and planning a quilt is so much more FUN.  : )

Have you seen Cara's Manly Quilt?  I love it!  So many people loved it, she's doing a quilt along (she's awesome like that.)

So the plan is to make a quilt for DH.  Shhhh.  Don't you dare tell.  My starting point is his favorite color, maroon.  I love the color combo of the plaid shirt (above) so I grabbed the blue and gray from that.  Now I have my three colors, but how to arrange them?

Slate Manly Quilt

At this point I grab my laptop or a paper and crayons, whichever is closer.  Today, it was my laptop.  I built a quick mock-up in Photoshop and started playing with colors.  I add the colors to my palette to make it easy to refer back to.  Then I use the paint bucket to click around and play.  So easy!  I came up with two versions I like.

Maroon Manly Quilt

I prefer the slate, but I really think DH would like the Maroon.  It is his favorite color after all.  At this point I get out my Kona color chart and pick my fabrics and go shopping.  Cara recommends Simply Solid Fabric and together they are having a giveaway here.

Come and play too!  You can do so much with this pattern.  It doesn't have to be manly.  It's all about the fabric choices.  The blocks are 12" and paper pieced.  I think it's going to come together really quickly.



  1. I'm partial to the slate as well. And you just made me pull out the Kona chart! Is Kona Wine too red? I think it would pair beautifully with Kona Sky. Oh, I could do this all day!

    Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Go with the maroon--I like it!

    I just ordered some Kona from Simply Solids in coal,surf and nightfall for a "manly" quilt too the other day and it has been shipped already! *squeals of joy*

  3. I love the colors of that shirt you're using for your inspiration! What a cool idea. If my hubby had to pick his favorite of these two options, I think he would go for the maroon version. It feels like there is more contrast. But seriously, either project will be gorgeous!

  4. gorgeous!

    I like the Slate myself. :) But either way it's really nice. All our men are going to have Cara to thank! I've got some gray on its way now. :)

  5. Very nice! Love the colors, in either combination. I'm looking forward to this quilt along, but haven't come up with a plan for it yet. I've been contemplating solids too, since I've never done an all-solid quilt. We'll see!

  6. I really dig the slate, too, and I love your inspiration! Love the idea of going with just solids, too, I hadn't thought of that!

    I'm trying to do this one on the sly for my husband as well, especially as he was just griping that I'm making something for everyone this year except him. We'll see if I can keep it a secret!



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