Friday, November 12, 2010

Me and the Pips

Me and the Pips got to know each other a little better today.  I've got to tell you, it's a match made in heaven!  I bought a bundle at Quilt Market, but it's for a friend.  After today, I'm sending them off.  April 2011 will come quickly right??  These are some of my very favorites.  I added pictures of all the colorways on the forum.

I think I need a whole quilt around this cutie.  I LOVE her!

Scarves and Stripes... Perfection!

 A must have for my red & dog loving son.

More Pips sightings... at comfortstitching,  imagingermonkeycluck cluck sew and crazymomquilts.

Can't wait until Aril 2011 to own some?  Hop on over to Aneela's blog.  She's giving some away!!!  : )

Are YOU a Sherbet Peep??  ; )


  1. I am so flippin jealous! I have been seeing more and more bloggers (those very ones you listed) playing with Sherbet Pips, and I'm dyeing here. These fabrics look uber adorable, so I can't wait till they are available to us regular folks! For now, I am just a Sherbet Peep wanna-be - LOL!

  2. Adrianne,
    Thanks for the pictures of the pips! It is hard to believe we will have to wait until April! The prints are all so adorable.

  3. Seriously, this line is to DIE for. I could see her being the next Heather Ross (and I'm sure that's not an original analysis or anything, I bet a lot of people are thinking that). I'm all over this the second it comes out! Just entered her giveaway too!

  4. I LOVE your forum!!! Wow, all about fabric too - a favourite topic of mine!!!

  5. this is so are a strong woman to buy it for someone else and then send it away~!!! i am not sure i would be able to.

  6. Driving me bonkers with all the Sherbet Pips exposure lately!!

  7. uh, it must be more than hard to part with those cute sherbet pips...i don't think i could. but you're right, the release date will come sooner than later & i'm sure your friend will be very happy!



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