Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

These are headed to preschool today.  Aren't they cute?  We used this tutorial from the long thread.  I wasn't sure he would be up to writing his name 32 times so I scanned in his signature and printed as part of the card.  For the cute hearts, I found a silicone baking mold at Joann's.  We both loved making these.

Speaking of Joann's, did you know they have a phone app for their coupons?  Check it out.  It's a little cumbersome handing over your phone to the cashiers, but the good news is you never leave home without your coupon.  : )

There is still time to enter my Innocent Crush giveaway.

My friend Cathy is having a Valentine's giveaway at her shop Wondrous Woven Fabrics.  Don't miss out on this one... I'm just sayin'!  : )


  1. Thank you so much for telling us about the JoAnn's app! JoAnn's is a 3 hour round trip for me, and I can't tell you how often I have left the coupons at home! And it isn't like I can run back for them!

  2. What a cute card! I love the idea of using the silicone baking mold to make that cute heart. Fun project!

    Don't you love that app from Joanns? I often forget my coupons at home, so it's nice to have them with me on my iPhone.

    Thanks for the reminder about your giveaway - I almost missed it!

  3. Thanks for the heads up on Joann's coupons. I am always leaving them at home. I tell myself I should go get them and save $$ but I get lazy and just buy stuff without them.

  4. These are perfect for a little boy! Great work!

  5. That's so cute! Valentine's Day is not such a big thing here, but I mighth have to adapt that idea for Easter. :-)



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