Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dear Denyse, I'm a fan

DS Quilts Collection

a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal

You know your a fan of Denyse Schmidt when:
  • you are glued to the computer all week after hearing of a surprise release of new fabric on Monday
  • your finger is bent from hitting refresh for the latest news
  • oogle all the pictures in the flickr group, and realize at some point you really can't favorite them all, or can you?
  • briefly consider driving 2.5 hours to Roseville, Ca because they were the first in the area to have it. decide that's just crazy
  • instead stalk not one, but three local Joann stores for inventory
  • drag family through rush hour on a weeknight when you find a store that has it
  • smile with relief when you spy the bolts on a handcart by the stockroom door
  • endure the "big box" line and sloppy cuts so you can take your favorites home
  • fold it, stack it, photograph it so you can share the love with other fans

DS Quilts Collection
Yup, I'm a fan.  : )

This is Denyse Schmidt's newest fabric available exclusively at Joann Fabric and Crafts.  Denyse says it will be on their website soon and there will be more released this Summer and Fall.  Fellow fan Lucia put together this file showing all 21 prints.

One more look...
DS Quilts Collection


  1. and here's a link to bleu is bleu's post about the Austraila-only prints in this line:

    You go girl!
    Sorry DH--she's gonna be on a hunt now!

  2. Adrianna, don't feel bad, I did the same thing, drooling all over blogs. I finally got to go to Joann's today with coupons in hand, and found all but 1 fabric! yay...i love the feel of it!

  3. Such beautiful fabrics your have over here...and so happy to have found your blog. Happy weekend.

  4. Which store did you find it in??? Spoke to Dan today and they don't have it in El Cerrito yet.

  5. They have it at the Rocklin Ca store... Thank goodness I only live 10 minutes from there. They are beautiful and hard to find on the shelves. It was like an Easter egg hunt!

  6. LOVE-ly! I'm gonna have to check out my local store & hope like crazy they carry it!

  7. I bought the dots the other day, but now I am thinking of getting some other prints too;)

  8. Not fair, we don't have Joannes in Australia. :( Such a great range!!



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