Saturday, September 24, 2011

Block Making

At the beginning of the Modern 4x5 Bee, before we got partners, before we pulled fabric, we each put together an inspiration mosaic of our favorite blocks.  A little something to get the creative juices flowing.  Here are some of my favorite blocks that have been made by others.  You can click on the links below the picture to see each block on flickr.

Block Inspiration
1. tutorial: scrappy stars, 2. Scrappy Plus Block--Do good Stitches, 3. do. Good Stitches - June, 4. Pillow Talk Swap 4, 5. pillow talk swap received!, 6. favorite colors, 7. DQS10 full frontal, 8., 9. Bee Mental Blocks, 10. WIP: Christmas Quilt, 11. Blythe-Size Bee - Wonky Stars for Pippa, 12. 3x6 bee block - process post

After I pulled the fabric for my Modern 4x5 Bee buddies, I got stuck.  There were so many fabrics I wanted to use and it's hard to fit them all into a 12" block.  I knew I wanted something scrappy.  Inspiration struck while I was sitting at Starbucks, drinking an Iced Vanilla Latte, helping my five year old with his homework and waiting to pick up my three year old from Preschool.  There are worse ways to spend an afternoon.  ; )  In the spirit of sharing my process I will show you my messy sketch.

I like this block because I can use lots of different prints, there is a lot of movement and interest within the block, and I love the crisp, chunky, cross/plus/x, in the middle as a resting place.  Since I don't have buckets of coordinated scraps I am making scraps one strip at a time from yardage.  I know there are some of you laughing your heads off right now.  Making scraps?  Lady, are you crazy?!!?

Test Block, The Modern 4x5 Bee

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.  Tomorrow, I'm headed to one of my favorite local quilt shows at the Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore.  This year's featured artists are Rob Appell and Verna Mosquera. They hang all the quilts from their huge Oak trees.  It is so beautiful!!


  1. I love the block you came up with! So pretty.

  2. Your Sunkissed block is beautiful!!

    Quilts hanging from trees sound simply wonderful!

  3. Wonderful inspiration! Love your block - and we've all cut from yardage every now and then to make scraps! :)

  4. I love what you've done. It's creative and looks beautiful. However you decide to use fabric and playtime is never crazy! Would love to go to an outdoor quilt show.

  5. I think your block is super fab! Are you signing up for next quarter???

  6. I love it! I'm in the same boat with my scraps...I need to complete a few more big projects just so that I have some scraps to play with!

  7. Sweet - I also enjoyed seeing all of the blocks from flickr



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