Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reprinting Pez or Pezzy by Sandy Klop

Oh happy day!!  It's true.  They are reprinting the much beloved Pez print by Sandy Klop.  It actual name is Pezzy, but you know what they mean right??  Just look at the all the pretty colors.  Oh-my!  I'm going to need a pezzy quilt.  Here is the style sheet (or whatever they're called) from Moda.

The multi-colored version will be available as part of the Fairy Tales collection available in October.  The Intrepid Thread has it listed on the Coming Soon page.

Shhh... Sandy is giving away a jelly roll over on the Moda blog.  Don't tell anyone because I really want to win!  ; )

PS- I know I already posted today, but I just had to tell someone.  I already squealed and scared poor Daisy dog.


  1. clapping hands here !!!
    one of my all time favourites :)
    Glad to hear the dog is officially named

  2. Man, you do post some eye candy! There's nothing like a roll of lovely fabric to make me salivate!

  3. aren't these just the cutest! i just placed an order a couple of days ago and i plan on keeping some of these for myself, for sure! :)

  4. This makes my mouth water! I don't think I've ever been comment #550--I guess your friends can't keep a secret ;)



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