Saturday, May 4, 2013

Palette Builder 2.0 by Play Crafts

Play Crafts just launched an updated version of their Palette Builder tool. They have made it so simple to create color palettes and share them with just a few clicks. I love the flexibility of this tool. You can move the color pickers around to find just the right shade or tone.

Juicy Palette
Juicy Palette

I was making dinner the other night and I thought these juiced limes looked interesting. Later on, I uploaded it to the Palette Builder and came up with this color scheme.

Rings of Saturn
Rings of Saturn Palette

I took this photograph of a roll of binding recently. The swirled shape was interesting, but it was the rings of color that I wanted to capture. There was no pink or navy in the actual fabric, but there are so many complimentary colors lurking in the shadows and highlights of a photograph. The navy and watermelon pink are great additions and would add a secret sparkle to a quilt top.

Palette Builder 2.0 by Play Crafts
Share your palettes and see others on the Play Crafts flickr page

-There are even more features being built into the tool, but you can start using it now.  
-It works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari
-If you're using IE, you need IE 10+
-It doesn't not work with mobile devices or iPads, yet (exciting!!)

I know Anne, Gillian and Jane from the South Bay MQG and they are passionate about building this tool for us to use.  There is a feedback button in the tool and they want to hear all of your suggestions and questions.  You can also email Anne directly,


  1. I love what they a doing with developing the palette builder tool even more! Great work Playcrafts team!

  2. I love that tool - I had a play with it the other day and lost an unreasonable amount of time ;-)

  3. Thanks for sharing Adrianne! :D I adore the palettes you made, they're so vibrant!



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