Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mood Board: After Midnight

Mood Board: After Midnight

There is a garden I know of, filled with posies and fairy rings.  An old bicycle rests against the garden shed.  It's still and quiet after midnight, but the garden does not sleep.  Spider webs are laced with dew.  Snails leave hidden trails along the pathways.  Gossip can be heard amongst the crickets.  Insect wings glimmer in the moonlight and tiny seeds dance in the crisp night air.  Sit and watch long enough and you will see the golden rays of sunlight cut through the ink filled sky.  Dawn is coming and a new day is about to begin.

  1. Indie Chic, Woven in Yellow
  2. Tsuru, Blossom Festival
  3. Tsuru, Old Lace in Cerulean
  4. Avingnon, Houndstooth in Orange
  5. Ride, Wheels in Teal
  6. Glimma, Kulla in Orange Nut
  7. Constellations, Stars in Black
  8. Pearl Bracelet in Peach
  9. Stitch Square in Navvy
  10. Glimma, Korkek in Jade
  11. Piper, Scallops in Orange
  12. Oval Elements, Vintage Blue

Fabric swatches from The Intrepid Thread


  1. I think I'm in love with this bundle! It speaks right to my teal/orange combo lovin' heart.

  2. I thought we weren't supposed to know who made the bundles. :)

  3. Poetic prose elicits a transitional garden of delights.

  4. ohhhhh LOVING this bundle



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