Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finished Quilt: Sunny Stargazer

Here is my third and final quilt for Jacob's Heart.  I had a few extra blocks from making the Baby Stargazer quilt and it didn't take long to piece a few more.  It only takes 12 blocks to make a small quilt.  Aren't teal and yellow good together?  I don't think I will ever get tired of this color combo.

I have a confession.  The day I went shopping for backing fabric, I was one tired Mama.  I headed over to Julie's shop and I was having the hardest time choosing a fabric.  It was one of those days and as silly as it sounds now, it was almost too much.  Julie rescued me by suggesting this print from Notting Hill by Joel Dewberry and it was so perfect!  I  was so relieved, I think I might have hugged her.  Yep, I'm a hugger.  : )

To keep it crinkly and snuggly, I quilted it with an allover stipple.  I had one last piece of Quilter's Dream batting that was just big enough for this quilt.  It's so wonderful, especially fresh out of the dryer.  Oh man, heaven!!

Name: Sunny Stargazer
Size: 36"x48"
Quilt Pattern: Stargazer by Adrianne Ove
Pieced and Quilted by: Adrianne Ove
May 2013


  1. I am into that plaid and blue in there---such a cozy looking quilt!

  2. I like how you made the stars white and the backgrounds the colors.

  3. Julie has quite the eye - the backing is perfect. I'm so glad you have the tutorial on your blog for Stargazer because it's such a wonderful "go to" design it'll be fun for me to make in the future.

  4. Your quilt is super pretty! I really love it!

  5. so bright and fresh and happy! What a beautiful quilt!

  6. I'm also in love with that fabric combo! Very cute quilt!

  7. It is just beautiful - a lovely Springtime colour combination. You should definitely give your quilt a hug! xCathy



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