Sunday, June 12, 2011

I've been...

Quilting. Circle quiting is a lot harder than I thought. I really want this to work and not look so wobbly. Unsewing is in my future. Try, try again. ; )

Buying fabric from Australia

Swapping with friends.

Adding to my bookshelf and contemplating new beginnings.


  1. I love your quilt! I understand how hard it is sometimes to have to keep trying to quilt in a way that is acceptable to ourselves - you can do it! :)

  2. You will find that a lot of us in blog land are working on the Farmers Wife Quilt, I just started mine - 2 blocks down and how many to go :)

  3. hmm. . . so . . . ya think I'll want to mark with a spiral stencil instead of just marking the first circle and free-spiraling out from there?

  4. That looks like the same quilt that I saw the other day that needs to be added to my list of quilts to create. You will get the quilting girl,just do the best you can.

    I am waiting on my FWQ book to come in the mail. Then I will be on the bandwagon too.

    Swapping is heavenly. I did a few of those in the last week:)

  5. Love how that circle quilting is coming out! What a great quilting pattern for your fabulous petal quilt.

  6. Ugh. Un-sewing is no fun at all. I think your spiral looks pretty good though, you've only got a few wobbles in the middle.
    I don't have any of that DS fabric - *sob!*, there's no Spotlight anywhere near me. I'm hoping my sister will be able to get me some...sometime. :-)

  7. The circles look great! But I know about doubting yourself in a process. I'm working on a quilt and I'm on block 5 out of 36 and doubting the fabric choice.

  8. love your circles! I think they look great.

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  10. Sometimes finished is better than perfect {so I keep telling myself}. I think that famer's wife sampler quilt looks like a fun idea. May be adding that one to my bookshelf too.



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