Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chirp! Chirp! Hello!!

Chirp! Chirp! Hello!! All that daydreaming and I must have fallen asleep. Sheesh, nothing but crickets for too many days. How have you been? What are you all up to? 

My laptop decided to call it quits. Maybe my last giveaway did it in. : ) Super Hubs to the rescue.  He set up a new one for me and recovered all my files.  My hero!  

I've been working on my Kona challenge quilt for the Bay Area Modern Quilt Guild. It's a modern twist on the classic orange peel block, which I love. I'm calling it "Modern Peel". Get it?  : )
My son graduated preschool this week. Sniff. Sniff. How did he get so big so fast?! His class put on a show and sang sweet little songs that  melted my heart. My eyes got teary and I felt like I was in the middle of a Hallmark movie. He's my first born and now I get it.

I'm happy to be back in action and I'll see you next week.


  1. Oh I love your Modern Peel quilt. Such happy colors and a very interesting design. :)

  2. Sorry about your laptop! I get it though; mine got a nasty virus a week ago and was with the Geek Squad for almost a week. I was pacing the floor! Love your Modern Peel quilt!

  3. Glad to have you back in action! Your Modern Peel is sweeet!!

  4. Have missed you! Glad to hear it was "just" your laptop and not something else. Loving your Modern Peel quilt project. What a great way to showcase the Kona solids!

  5. I cried when both my kids graduated preschool! It's the mother's rite of passage. Love the peels, too.

  6. My oldest graduates preschool in a couple of weeks. I thought I was ready for Kindergarten, but I don't think I can handle it! It was nice talking with you at the guild meeting on Saturday.



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