Thursday, August 26, 2010

Are you sure about that?

Since Tuesday, I've been sewing up a storm.  This project has got me buzzing.  My vision, a bento box quilt, using Amy Butler's Love collection in the Soul colorway (with extra polka dots sprinkled in for good measure) and Robert Kaufman Essex in Putty.  The bento blocks are fun and easy to do. Everything was going pretty well.

I got all the main blocks done this afternoon.  And then...

I cut them in quarters and started mixing them up.

And then I started playing around on the design wall.

And then I started panicking... just a little.  

I kept thinking to myself, are you sure about that?  I do really like the top row of the first layout.  The busyness of all the prints together is overwhelming me.  This shows 3 squares by 4 squares, but I actually have a 4 by 6... so bigger and more to play with.  The key is going to be balancing the colors and the scale of the prints.  Hmmm, are the alternating squares any better?  I'm going to sleep on it.  Sleep is good.



  1. Gosh, I like them both! Tough choice!

  2. i really love the first option!! it is beautiful

  3. The first one is so interesting and unique. I had the same problem balancing my colors on this last quilt top I just finished and just had to look beyond it and keep going! I know that can be REALLY hard, but it's either that or start over and that just isn't an option for impatient me;)

  4. I do really like the first option too. I would go for it! :)

  5. 1st one! They both are nice,but the Bento Box is such an awesome quilt!!

  6. I think the first option looks better.
    In the second one, the bottom row looks like it's out of place... maybe with a bit more of rearranging... I don't know.
    But still, the first option is more dynamic and interesting (to me ;-P)

  7. In a situation like this, I often add some solid squares in between the busy blocks. Don't know if that appeals to you, but it's a good way to calm down a too-busy quilt.



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